Hiring and Promoting: Simplify Decisions with the ProfileXT® Assessment

In this new world, you can’t just tell someone to go do something and expect success. Every job can be matched to an ideal skill set, meaning there are job candidates who are a great fit for the position and those who are a terrible fit. Well, fortunately, finding those ‘perfect fit’ job candidates has never been easier or more accurate with the ProfileXT Assessment.

I was talking to a colleague after telling a networking group about the ProfileXT assessment, which I offer to my business coaching clients. He was very interested because he had used a number of different assessments for hiring in the past but always found them to be missing crucial information about the candidate.

I was not surprised to hear that he felt it was a valuable tool — we have heard this a lot from business leaders familiar with the assessment. I was curious about why he thought it unique, so I dug a bit.

It turns out that he thought it was much more thorough in comparison to other assessments like Kolbe, Myers Briggs, etc. He is correct!

The ProfileXT is deep. It goes well beyond scratching the surface, providing deep, relevant and tangible data on potential hires or promotions — illuminating the total person. Whether you are promoting a manager to the next level or have multiple candidates lined up for a specific role —it’s so important that this important role is filled with the right person into.

What is the ProfileXT Assessment?

Simply put, the ProfileXT assessment measures how well someone fits into a specific job role within your company. It measures an individual’s numeric and verbal skills, behavioral qualities, thinking styles, ability to reason, and even their occupational interests!

No other job candidate assessment tool factors all of these components together to create such a well-rounded view of a prospective hire. Using the ProfileXT assessment for just one single hire can save tens-of-thousands of dollars and months of lost time!

Occupational interest is important (and measurable)

Someone who loves what they do will be far more motivated and far more productive day-to-day than someone who is not. Ensuring you hire the right people from the beginning ensures that your employees will stay motivated and get the job done time after time.

From the candidate’s perspective, they want to work for a company they like and doing what they enjoy, as well. It’s an emotional piece that not everyone can immediately recognize. Not only does the ProfileXT help employers hire the right people, it helps individuals work for the right employers. It’s a huge win-win for both parties!

It’s not a ‘test’, it’s a sliding scale

The colleague I was talking to at networking ended up taking the assessment, and when he finished, the first thing he said was, “I think I failed.” I chuckled and explained that there was no grade, no pass/fail, or even a good/bad. The ProfileXT creates a picture of the candidate, highlighting where a person is most suited and where they do not belong.

Overall results are reported on a bell curve (see the graphic below), with about 68% falling in the middle of each category. That leaves 16% falling in either high end or the low end for each characteristic.

As an example, when I took the assessment, I ranked HIGH for the ‘Learning Index’, which means I typically pick up information quickly but may not go as deep into learning every detail. Someone who ranks on the other end may absorb all of the details in contrast to my ‘big picture’ view.

ProfileXT as a hiring and management tool

The benefits of ProfileXT for employers is pretty clear. In conjunction with a skilled evaluator and a sound interview process, the assessment brings to light the most valuable characteristics in a potential employee and warns of possible pitfalls with regard to a specific position.

What’s less obvious is how important a tool the ProfileXT can be for existing employees who are being considered for promotions or managerial roles within the organization. In fact, the need to ‘get it right’ will typically be far more important, because a manager will have others beneath him. The impact of that decision and the consequences of that promotion decision are far greater.

Whether you are promoting a manager to the next level or deciding between multiple candidates for a specific job, the ProfileXT assessment is the most comprehensive solution available.

What can a manager expect from the assessment?

  • Prevent costly hiring/promotion mistakes
  • Saves time during the hiring/promotion process
  • Increase employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Measure verbal and communication skills
  • Measure calculation and reasoning abilities
  • Compare occupational interest to role requirements

Marian is fully certified to administer and analyze the ProfileXT assessment.

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