Advancing your career in today’s uncertain business environment?



Hint: It helps to think like an entrepreneur

It’s no secret that the business world is in a constant state of flux and uncertainty. This reality makes it tough for ambitious professionals to make viable plans to advance their careers. But you can take steps to prepare yourself for the opportunities that arise, even in this uncertain business environment.

First, you have to be adaptable and willing to evolve. That means taking stock in your professional capabilities, assets and resources, so you can deploy them effectively and efficiently.  It means thinking of your career as being in a state of “permanent beta testing” – as described by renowned authors Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha.

We all have bugs we need to correct. We need to continually refresh skills and develop new ones as the world changes. Just look at how some of our major industries have evolved. Who could have predicted just a handful of years ago that we’d have driverless cars and cell phones that are really computers?  Those companies are adapting. So can you. What have you done recently to prepare for the future?

How will you prepare for the next evolution?  You either embrace change and move forward or become extinct like the dinosaurs – or landlines! Hardly anyone is employed at one company for 30 years anymore; loyalty and pensions are but a distant memory.

It’s time to think like an entrepreneur… and the start-up is YOU!  That means developing a vision and a strategy – What’s your goal and how do you plan to get there?  Are your operations (skills, experience) up to date? Do you see yourself as a strong brand with a marketing plan?  What assets and liabilities (your personal finances) are at stake if you make a move? And how can you maximize your profitability (securing the best compensation possible)?

Successful entrepreneurs take nothing for granted. They’re always assessing the changing business landscape to find opportunities that make sense for them.  If you’re wondering about next steps in your career, start by thinking like an entrepreneur. You are the CEO of your Professional Career.

What is your vision?

What is your strategy?

How will you execute to get the best results?

Invest in Yourself and  Improve your ROI!

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