Business Coaching

Can’t get your business unstuck?  

Want to move your business forward but aren’t sure of the best opportunities?

Need to engage your team to embrace your strategy and vision?

Firing on all cylinders

When you’re succeeding as a leader, the five essential components of business achievement – Vision, Strategy, Engagement, Execution and Results – are compelling and in gear. To create this high level of functionality, you have to be willing to invest in yourself to be your personal best – to learn continuously, break down barriers, and adapt in a changing, competitive world.  That’s where we come in.

What makes you tick?

With our “active-inquiry process” and accredited assessment tools, you will develop a more complete understanding of the behaviors and traits that make you tick. You’ll see how you come across to others – thinking styles, verbal skills, awareness of group dynamics, leadership approach, and more.  Then we design a program tailored for you, fostering innovative ideas and judgment, not merely the application of existing techniques.

Becoming a (Better) Leader

Are you an effective leader? The critical issue is self-awareness – making sure you’re clear about your strengths, competencies, skills and expertise. Just as important is having the emotional intelligence to build key relationships, communicate sensitively and influence the people around you.  Distinct from being a manager, a self-aware leader with a vision can deal effectively with such challenges as mergers and acquisitions, market expansions, technology shifts, an IPO or emerging from bankruptcy.  We work with you to create this vision, design an effective strategy to realize it, communicate the strategy to mobilize key stakeholders, and execute with accuracy and urgency. 

Effective leaders must be vigilantly self aware, with the control and drive to communicate, motivate and lead teams, execute plans and analyze results dispassionately.

Growing Your Business and Sales

Do you want to expand your product or service line? Do you know the geographic, demographic, competitive or technological implications?  Do the benefits of expansion outweigh the cost? We work with you to answer these questions and clarify your understanding of the audience you want to reach, to get the results you want. We will also help you train your sales force, as needed, including the art of consultative selling (as opposed to product pushing) and incentivizing your sales team.  

Analyzing Profitability 

If you’re a business owner or have P&L responsibility, we can help you do the analysis so you can determine your next steps confidently – breaking down the review by product or service, clients, geography, sales team, or year-over-year margins and market share. As a result, you’ll see where profits are improving or declining and why, what areas of spending are having the greatest impact, and whether you’re allocating resources appropriately so all stakeholders are benefiting.

Business planning

If you’re interested in starting a business, growing a business, improving profitability, developing management teams, planning for succession, or exiting a business, we can help you with related business and financial planning.