Can you truly see yourself?

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In my last blog, I talked about famous business leaders, athletes and performers who benefited from coaching to reach world-class status.

But most successful people also invest in themselves and need feedback, to uncover blind spots that may be holding them back. These executives understand how important independent advice can be – as well as fresh ideas and perspectives – to set clear goals, strategies, and actionable plans that can be executed flawlessly.

Especially in a world that is constantly changing.

So what about you? Maybe you’ll see yourself or a colleague in the following examples:

  • Bob, a top sales executive got high marks on his sales skills but scored poorly on interpersonal skills. He believed harsh directives were the best way to get results, unaware of other strategies to motivate his team. But with coaching, Bob learned about new strategies to engage, lead, and reward his team, which resulted in improved sales and better interactions.
  • Lesley has been hired as director of finance and operations at a growing tech company. Her attempts to create an infrastructure that would take the company to the next level were unsuccessful.  She didn’t realize that members of her team didn’t understand the need for the changes and thwarted her efforts. But through coaching, she learned that in order to effect change she had to educate colleagues on why the change was needed and how it could benefit them.
  • Tom was a creative genius and his clients loved him. But he could be moody and disruptive with his team and other colleagues in the company. He, too, learned through coaching that his behavior could be modified without compromising his creative brilliance.  As a result, he established better working relationships, secured additional new clients and discovered new internal processes that improved financial reporting.*

Do you see something of yourself?  

Maybe you just need a fresh perspective on your career or business.

Successful executives seek out objective, independent advice to help with clear goal setting, strategies and actionable plans, and flawless execution. The best seek out coaches because there is no limit to good ideas and new ways of doing things in a constantly changing world.  

It just takes a first step. Take charge of YOUR professional destiny.  Become an All-Star. Invest in yourself!

* Examples from The Art of Executive Coaching – Secrets To Unlock Leadership Performance by Nadine Greiner, PhD

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