Emotional Intelligence. What is it and why is it important?

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The following introduction is written by Ben Palmer Ph.D of Genos International. Ben sets the stage for why Emotional Intelligence is so important and how it can help us succeed in both the workplace and in our personal lives.

“So, what is emotional intelligence? To really understand the power of emotional intelligence you first have to ask yourself the question, how do emotions impact us? If you look into the science of that you’ll see that the way we feel influences firstly the way we think and the decisions that we make, both productively and unproductively. 

For example, you don’t ask the boss for a pay raise and more resources, If, the boss is in a bad mood.  Why, because the boss is more likely to say no.  Secondly, emotions influence the way we behave.  Where do emotions show up? In our tone of voice, in our facial expressions, and in our body language.  Because of this, they are fundamental to how we interact, collaborate, communicate and work in a team in the workplace.

Finally, the way we feel influences the way we perform.  Think about it for yourself, how well do you perform when you feel overly stressed, worried, concerned, anxious, or tired. Research shows that you are most likely to perform at your worst versus how you perform at work when you feel valued, cared for, consulted, informed, understood.  When you feel like you are doing meaningful for work.  So the way we feel influences the way we think, the way we behave, and the way we perform both productively and unproductively. 

What emotional intelligence is and why it is so important? It’s a set of abilities that help us perceive and understand the way we feel and the way others feel – a set of abilities to do with how effectively we regulate and manage emotions.  So these emotional intelligence abilities help us pick up on the way we’re feeling and modify our decisions and behavior and performance at work so that we are thinking our best, behaving our best, and performing our best at work.”

Ben Palmer Ph.D of Genos International

At M. Howley Consulting, we are certified to help businesses and individuals get in touch with their own emotional intelligence. We can help you recognize and understand the feelings of ourselves and others to help you make better decisions about what you should do next. Developing these skills can help sales teams, managers, and executives grow into masters at what they do.

In the next post I will explore some of the crucial components of emotional intelligence and how it can affect our everyday decision making.

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