What I Do

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Marian Howley is a certified executive coach serving the C-Suite, those aspiring to C-Suite roles and high-performing entrepreneurs. She helps individual and organizational clients raise their leadership games and maximize their career value or enterprise profitability. Marian is available to work with firms to clarify their growth path and strengthen their management teams to leverage their return on investment in individual executives.

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CEO Testimonial

I want to thank Marian Howley for much needed career counseling. After selling a company that I had founded and managed for twelve years, I was struggling with making a decision of “what do I do next?” I was not sure if I wanted to pursue starting another company, offer my experience and skill in the form of consulting, or accept a role in an established company. Like many others in a situation of change, I moved from each career option more undecided and unsure of how I would make the right choice.

I also realized that it was an excellent opportunity to entertain the possibility of changing direction entirely to do work in the non-profit space. The more opportunity that was available, the more challenged I was in making a selection. As I was moving along the path of indecision, I was introduced to career counseling and I did make a decision to choose a counselor. That was first right choice. By just stopping the career search and taking time to get clarity and focus, I felt relieved. Fortunately, I was introduced to Marian and from the beginning she supported me in gaining more insight of my personal interests and career interests.

Marian is a skilled professional who has the knowledge and expertise in counseling. She challenged me and encouraged me to answer questions that were focused on my abilities, values, and goals.   The process helped me gain clarity and supported the development of a realistic plan.

I now have a start-up company, that is in its early stages. I believe that with the process that Marian established, I was able to articulate my goals into a business plan that I am confident will meet my personal and career objectives.

–  Betty Brennan, CEO Astrum Care